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Denture Implants

Losing even one tooth can be stressful. When you're missing most or all of your teeth, though, you may feel completely helpless.

Years of life-changing advances in dentistry mean that you have hope for a functional new smile. How? With implant-retained overdentures.

Dr. Kam Mohager places this removable yet stable restoration at Advanced Dentistry & Implants in Littleton, CO. Read on to learn more.

The Benefits Of Implant-Retained Overdentures

Unlike a regular denture, an implant-retained overdenture is a type of removable denture supported by implants and affixed to special implant attachments. It offers many benefits compared to traditional dentures, like:

Better Fit

Unlike traditional dentures, implant-retained overdentures will not slip or slide. That means easier chewing and talking, too.

More Comfort

Traditional dentures can rub uncomfortably against your gums, while implant-retained overdentures are held firmly in place.

Improved Biocompatibility

Dental adhesives cause irritation for some patients. Our implant-retained overdentures skip the adhesive, and use biocompatible Neodent® dental implants. 

Less Bone Loss

Bone loss in the jaw can cause a sunken or aged appearance. Thankfully, stable implants can prevent this.

Minimal Implants For Maximum Results

Denture with two implants

You don't need an implant per tooth with implant-retained overdentures. These dentures may use as few as two to four implants per full arch.

This can save you money, since implants typically aren't covered by insurance.

It can also mean less time spent in the dentist's chair and less time spent healing. Contact our helpful team in Littleton to explore the options of your case.

Not Sure Which Kind Of Dentures You Prefer?


Along with placing dental implants in-house, we offer both implant-supported dentures and implant-retained overdentures. If you are missing teeth and need relief, visit our caring team. We're happy to walk you through all the options and answer any questions you might have.

Choose a Dentist Committed to Continuing Education

It can be hard finding someone you trust with your teeth. Our dentist understands this struggle — and has training that can put you at ease.

After earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Dr. Kam Mohager continued to learn about oral implantology during a fellowship at the California Implant Institute.

He believes in bringing a high standard of care to his practice, especially as the dental field advances rapidly. That's why he stays up-to-date on new technologies and techniques by pursuing continuing education.

Want to learn more about his training? Contact our welcoming Littleton dental office or call:

(720) 800-7077

Dr. Mohager
If you're worried about cost, our compassionate Littleton team can also educate you on CareCredit® — a type of dental financing that we accept.

Meet Our Dedicated Dentist

Littleton, CO, Comes to Us For Patient-Centered Dental Care


Stephanie Wright


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Dr. Kam & Dani are amazing!

They both were extremely welcoming and kind during mine & my husband’s visit. From start to finish we both felt taken care of and comfortable. They were very transparent about everything they were going to do before doing it, and let us know insurance coverage and costs well in advance as well.

We would highly recommend this practice to anyone we know!

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Sharon Ross


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Dr. Kam IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! He's like no other dentist you have ever, ever had! He is warm, welcoming, attentive, compassionate and knowledgeable! He does all the work himself and keeps checking on you to make sure you're comfortable. He truly cares about each and every patient! His assistant, Dani, is also friendly and caring! The office is fresh and bright and does not feel like a typical dentist's office. So REFRESHING TO HAVE A DENTIST WHO CAN AND WILL DO IT ALL! Best in the business!!!!

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Dentures Can Be Discreet

With the Help of Dental Implants

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Loose, uncomfortable dentures aren't the only option. We use Neodent® dental implants to fuse with your jawbone and gums for long-lasting security. They can fix your dentures in place, replacing the roots of a tooth. That way, you can eat, smile, and talk just like you used to.

Implants Changed This Littleton, CO, Patient's Life

"If you want the job done right, Dr. Kam is your guy. I called from the parking lot of a grocery store almost in tears and to my surprise, his staff immediately got to work taking x-rays, asking questions and making me feel like there was hope after all... He got to work on what he does best, implants. He was so skilled that he conquered installing 5 implants in one sitting... I now have a full set of teeth which not only look as natural as my teenage years, but I also can't stop smiling because of how healthy my mouth feels. I'm excited to brush and floss regularly again and eating is once again pleasurable... Rest assured that this fantastic human comes highly recommended and his amazing staff is top notch. Do yourself a favor and entrust the health of your mouth to this highly competent and skilled physician." Darian Sixx

CareCredit® Financing Can Help With Cost

When it comes to the health of your jaw, gums, and teeth, making a decision can feel overwhelming. Add in cost, and you may not know where to start.

The team at our Littleton practice has seen many dental patients in situations like yours — and we're here to make it easier. We accept CareCredit® financing, so that you can pay for your treatment over a more manageable timeline.

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Advanced Dentistry & Implants

Advanced Dentistry & Implants

Dr. Kam Mohager is a distinguished cosmetic and restorative dentist in Littleton, CO, who uses the latest technology and techniques in the field of dentistry to improve his patients' smiles. He offers a wide range of treatments for tooth loss and dental imperfections, including:

To request a consultation at Advanced Dentistry & Implants, we invite you to fill out our contact form or call (720) 800-7077.

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